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We are a small team of experienced global designers, programmers, and developers that are committed
to building SARBONI into a brand recognized around the world. Our first collection of 2000 NFTs named
“JUTI” will start as a free-mint that will give members and token holders access to our community and
members-only benefits. We will build TRUST, and then we will build a better, brighter future for sake
of humanity. We invite you to the Sarboni Universe, where there is no limit, but our IMAGINATION.
There is no enemy or war, just a place to make the world better.

This will serve as a startup feed to launch our second “already finished” NFT collection of 9999 Partisan


We are here to stay and provide a long-lasting service to our community and members. We will start where many gave up and stopped. We will continue to fight for what is right. The age of empty promises has passed. To build a new age of NFT collective, we need to work as a team and create together IRL and internet. In Sarboni’s universe, our community comes together through art, creativity, and technology.

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road map

partisan cats collection

All NFTs are digitally hand-drawn avatars that are immortalized on the Ethereum blockchain and tailored
specifically for each project. We use Illustrator, a vector graphics editor and a design program developed
and marketed by Adobe Inc.


Starting with 2000 NFT FreeMint on for our second collection “Partisan Cats”.


Token holders will perpetually remain on the whitelist.

artist signature

Our artist MJ has signed 30 tokens that are in the collection.

public mint

After we release 2000 for FreeMint and 500 for airdrop as reward, there will be 7499 NFTs with a fair set price of 0.08 ETH per Partisan Cat. These will be all “hidden”, so you have the chance to get one of the rarer NFTs.


We do 10 weekly raffles for holder’s airdrops (Only 500 total).

charity event

We support Ukraine and will be making donations to “Medical Battalion Hospitallers” 0x5353c7cCDDD1C8EB4341f0EE60927E73f89F4C9c


5% of profits goes back to community wallet to raffle between the holders.

special art drops

WIN 5 Tokens (discord community members only) – Most invites and our best moderator
WIN 5 Tokens – best artwork generated by a member based on Partisan Cats collection.

sarboni mindmap